Welcome to Lhundrup Choling,

a veritable garden or sanctuary for the spontaneous accomplishment of the Buddhadharma: a temple of learning in which to develop compassion and wisdom in the ancient Buddhist tradition of secret mantra.

Buddha said that all beings have the potential to manifest enlightenment because all beings inherently possess the Buddha nature, the very essence of the enlightened state.

In order to awaken this fundamental nature, one first enters the Buddhist path by the taking of refuge in the Triple Gem, the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha. One begins with the basic path, the commitment and discipline of abandoning all harm toward others.  As one’s understanding develops, one enters the greater path where one not only aspires for one’s own enlightenment but for the enlightenment of others. The essence of this path is to accomplish the source of benefit for all beings. One trains on this path by cultivating Bodhicitta, the mind or heart of enlightenment. One safeguards this essence without allowing it to decline but by developing it to its greatest extent until compassion and wisdom are fully blossomed. In this way one can achieve the great enlightenment that lies beyond all extremes.

Finally one enters into the path of secret mantra by receiving initiations into the dimensions of enlightened form, enlightened sound and enlightened awareness. Here one cultivates pure perception until one comes to the full realization of non-conceptual wisdom, the quintessence of the Buddhist path.

Here at Lhundrup Choling, we teach and practice this ancient spiritual tradition, which is complete and unerring and if practiced correctly can lead us to awaken our innate Buddha qualities.  You are most welcome to come and join us in this journey for the benefit of all beings.