Dear Dharma Brothers and Sisters,

Please continue to join us online for daily Chenrezik Meditation with Khenpo Sonam at 7PM (PST).
It is a meditation to develop great compassion and wisdom, dedicated for all beings’ awakening to Buddhahood. Please search for Lhundrup Choling on Youtube.

Celebrating the auspicious Chökhor Düchen, Dharmachakra day, the anniversary of Buddha Shakyamuni turning the First Wheel of Dharma, we happily announced the release of the Seven Precious Treasuries of Omniscient Longchenpa in nano disc, which is made to wear, keep on your shrine, fill statues and stupas, etc. With this extraordinary technology, the entire Seven Precious Treasuries of Longchenpa has been nano-etched, in analog format, on a 29mm nickel disk for all to treasure.It is brought to you as a true Jewel of this Earth.

The greatness of the teachings of Longchenpa is beyond my capacity to explain.

Patrul Rinpoche says:
It is a work that truly ushers in the authentic dharmakaya.
A work as noble as this is an actual buddha;
It accomplishes the task of victorious ones in this world.
It is a work that directly reveals the enlightened intent of the victorious ones.
Even if you were to meet the Buddha, I truly doubt that there would be more than this.

A work as noble as this, is a treasury of the entire sacred dharma. It is the ultimate focus of all the teachings.
It reveals the timeless awareness of dharmakaya in all its nakedness.
Even if you were to compare it to all the other teachings, I truly doubt that there would be anything more than this.
A work as noble as this is the enlightened mind of the entire exalted assembly.
The timeless awareness, realized by exalted victorious ones and their heirs in the past, present, and future, derives from it.
I truly doubt that the awareness of these exalted ones is anything more than this.
It is the totality of the Three Jewels, the stupa that enshrines the relics of dharmakaya,
and the unsurpassable legacy left by all victorious ones.
It is the portrait of the Omniscient Guru’s realization.
For whoever meets with it, the end of conditioned existence is in sight.
If hearing even a single word of a work as noble as this can tear asunder the veil of one’s ordinary perceptions and reactions, how could it make any sense at all to reject it once you have the good fortune to study it in its entirety?

The parphü edition – our first edition offering – is made with an 18K gold setting. A combo disc, with the Seven Precious Treasuries on one side and our original Nyingthig Yabzhi Tagdrol Khorlo disc on the other, is also available.To see the spectacular detail of this technology, we invite you to view the Nyingthig Yabzhi Tagdrol Khorlo Disc HERE. Through this website, you are able to zoom in and see that one is actually able to read the entire text from the disc when viewed under a microscope. A password is required to view. To request access, you may do so HERE.

Thank you and Tashi Delek.

Lhundrup Chöling Dharma Center