Herein contains the Nyingthig Yabzhi: the Four Higher Collections of the Heart Essence

We bring you this precious Nyingthig Yabzhi Tagdrol medallion, a very special item.

The Nyingthig Yabzhi is the Four Higher Collections of the Heart Essence. This collection contains the teachings of the three lineages of Dzogchen. These are the highest teachings of Dzogchen in which the realization of the primordial Buddha is awakened within Vajradhara and the five Buddha families, beyond transmission, instructions or symbolism. This is the wisdom realization lineage, which contains the 12 Dzogchen Buddhas.

Vajradhara taught Vidyadhara Garab Dorje, Manjushrimitra, Shrisingha, Vimalamitra, Jnanasutra, Guru Rinpoche, and Vairocana through symbolic transmission. This lineage is called the symbolic lineage of the wisdom holders.

These teachings were transmitted from the wisdom holders down to the Omniscient One, Longchenpa, and the present-day masters. This lineage is called the oral lineage of the individuals.

The teachings streaming through Vimalamitra are called the Vima’s Heart Essence (Vima Nyingthig). The teachings through Guru Rinpoche are called the Dakini’s Heart Essence (Khandro Nyingthig). 

These two are the Mother Heart Essence teachings. 

Through these teachings, Longchenpa awoke to the luminous state of the abiding nature. He then wrote commentaries and revealed these Heart Essence teachings in what is collectively called: the Child Heart Essence teachings, consisting of the Profound Heart Essence of the Dakini (Khandro Yangthig) and the Profound Heart Essence of the Lama (Lama Yangtig). 

These two Mother Heart Essences and the two Child Heart Essences compose the Four Higher Collections of the Heart Essence: The Nyingthig Yabzhi.

The Yabzhi also includes the Profound Quintessence Heart Essence (Zabmo Yangtig), in which Longchenpa condensed the teachings of all four Mother and Child Heart Essences.

The three sources that nurture the teachings always remain together. Wherever these three sources that nurture the teachings descend, the Dzogchen teachings prevail.

One of these three sources is “The Single Son of Buddha” tantra. This Tantra is considered Liberation Upon Wearing. This is the main tantra in the Nyingthig Yabzhi, from which the 17 Dzogchen tantras arise.

Guru Rinpoche said: “Everyone knows about Buddhahood through meditation, but I know Buddhahood without meditation”.

Therefore, in Guru Rinpoche’s teachings, there are five teachings that bring liberation without meditation:

  1. Buddhahood through eating: Liberation Upon Tasting the Kyedun Shai Rilbu
  2. Buddhahood through wearing: Liberation Upon Wearing the Tagdrol Tantras
  3. Buddhahood through listening: The empowerments and instructions on Liberation Upon Hearing in the bardos (bardo thodrol a.k.a. The Tibetan Book of the Dead)
  4. Buddahood through seeing: the Pith Instructions of Thögal
  5. Buddahood through remembering: the Teachings of Phowa, the Liberation Upon Recollection

The Liberation Upon Wearing Tagdrol is the great power of the medallion.


Through the impressive abilities of nanotechnology, the entire 13 volumes of the Nyingthig Yabzhi, with 7,214 pages, has been amazingly stamped onto a 28mm-diameter nickel disc. 

When viewed through a microscope, one can read the texts in the precise detail of the original work. This complex image is over 20 billion pixels. 

This process is much more detailed than what NASA has ever done with space photos.

The AH syllable — supreme of all syllables — on the front of the medallion, is transparent (so you can read the text) and at times, when caught by the light, displays beautiful shifting patterns of iridescence.

Through the help of a very kind and generous expert, who is my good friend, we are now able to bring this Nyingthig Yabzhi Liberation Upon Wearing medallion to you.

The other medallion is Rigdzin Sogkhor Pelgyi Dubu, the Glorious Ornamental Wheel of the Vidyadharas. This method of drawing the wheel by deciphering the Single Son Tantra is revealed by many tertons like Dorje Lingpa, Pema Lingpa, Karma Lingpa, Ratna Lingpa, Sangye Lingpa and also by Rigdzin Jigme Lingpa in the Longchen Nyingthig revelation. Traditionally, first it is drawn by hand, then carved onto wooden block and then stamped onto rice paper etc. Then it is folded particularly according to the lineage marking the front and top. Then woven with five color silk threads or inserted in a silk or brocade pouch. It is called tagdrol khorlo, Liberation of Wearing Wheel, which is worn on the neck or under the left arm. I digitally drew this khorlo which you can see. I printed, folded and consecrated with many recitation of the Single Son Tantra, and Choying Dzö and other prayers. Also I brought them along with me to bless from many sacred and holy places that I went on pilgrimage to Bhutan in 2019.

I had always wished for a possibility to be made into a disc with some technology that could etch the Khorlo onto a coin or similar kind. When I met Nova Spivack, he introduced me the lunar library project and mentioned that it is absolutely possible. My wish was then fulfilled.

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  3. Either of this disc with 18K Gold Setting = $450.00
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  5. Double Tagdrol: NYTK on one side and RSPD on the other 18K Gold Setting = $785
  6. Double Tagdrol: NYTK on one side and RSPD on the other with Silver Setting = $690

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