The lineage of the Buddha’s teachings is solely dependent on the existence of scriptural transmissions and realization of the essence of the teaching. They are based on upholding the teachings of studying and learning the scriptures and accomplishing the realization through practice.

The center offers classes on both transmissions and practice.

There are classes for groups and as well as for individuals. Advanced meditation and ritual ceremonies are practiced on auspicious days and anniversaries according to the lunar calendar. If these auspicious days fall during the week days the practice begins at 7PM. If on a Saturday or Sunday, it begins at 10:30AM.

The courses of the teachings are aimed for beginners, intermediate and advanced.

Monday meditation class is on creation and completion stage practice. At the moment the students are doing the 100 peaceful and wrathful deities accomplishment.

Wednesday class is for advanced students. The subject is on the great completion practice.

Thursday class is for beginners who are preparing the foundation or the preliminary path of practice.

All classes begin with the preliminary practice followed by the specific teachings with meditation practice. All classes conclude with prayers of dedication and sublime aspiration prayers.

Here are some of the teachings.

The Four Noble Truths

The Prajnaparamita

Other Teachings